Block #4

Charts B and D are opposite of each other.


R/S work Chart B first, then D.

W/S work Chart D first, then B

On charts all decreases that lean to the right are K2tog

Decreases that lean to the left are SSK

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Block #5

 This block includes a breast cancer symbol.
If you prefer not to use that, you can just make chart D
as stockinette stitch and do a duplicate stitch design after.
Be aware that there are 3 reverse st st sections surrounding all the charts. 

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Block #6

This is the first of your block that is done in the round

working from the outside to the inside.

You will need a 16" circular needle, however,

I recommend you cast onto a longer one to join.

And then work it onto the shorter one.

You will need dpns (double pointed needles) when you get near the center.

The bobble in the pattern may be different than other bobbles

so, be careful to read the description.

Be sure to place markers between sections with a different one

to mark the beginning of the round.

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