Fun with Fiber Testimonials


 I’ve been knitting at Fun with Fiber since they opened and I love it there.  The owner, Lora, is always willing to help with patterns, yarns, notions, etc.  I would say I purchase 95% of my projects there because of the help I receive.  Trish, Amy and Theresa are terrific as teachers and additional helpers there.  The shop is bright with clear displays of their yarns and assorted finished projects to look at. If there’s something you want and don’t see, Lora will do her best to order it.  I’ve marked that the pricing is moderate but there is yarn available for any price range.
I highly recommend shopping here.  Come sit and knit with us!!!


Well golly, if I hadn’t needed to hit the road I would have loved to have just stopped in here and joined the ladies that were sitting around knitting. I think there were about three tables full. That made it a little harder to maneuver around the tables and yarn displays to see everything but it was wonderful to see everyone sitting there having such a good time together. I made three sweeps through the store because there was a lot to see. Its a bright and cheerful store with everything nicely displayed.

It’s actually two stores in one. On one side is Millers Art Supply and on the other side is the knitting store. I wondered if it might be a husband and wife team but didn’t think to ask while I was in there. I found one brand of yarn in particular that was self patterning and very reasonably priced so I bought two different colors of it to make baby hats out of, also some finger protectors and some large knitting needles for making eyelash scarves. I was pretty happy with the price of everything although I did see several other things that I liked that were out of my price range, most notably some project bags and tote bags that I really liked but they were in the $15 to $30 range so I decided I’d rather spend my money on the yarn.

If you’re in the area and like to knit or crochet, or maybe just want to learn how, I think I can recommend this store.

Hello! I stopped into your shop yesterday for the first time. I have to admit to some trepidation at asking for help on a project for a number of reasons. One is that I find yarn shops to be intimidating and unfriendly at times. I found though, that I had no reason to be nervous. I admitted up front that I did not purchase either the yarn or pattern from your shop, but you were beyond helpful and i so appreciated it. I thought I had it almost figured out, but what you told me turned the light bulb on and I am well underway with my grandson’s sweater. The table of women working on knit projects was inviting and made me wish I lived closer so I could participate. I was short on time, didn’t get to shop much. Our son and daughter-in-law live very close by, so now that I’ve found you, I know I will be back – especially with the kindness you showed. I thank you for your help!!! Sincerely, Deb James


So let me start by saying I’ve never picked up knitting needles in any way. I Googled a chunky throw blanket to arm knit. They said it would be easy and quick.. They lied.. Ha.. I went into the store and Lora was so patient and helpful. She walked me through the process of everything and helped me immensely. The project turned out great and I have all the ladies to thank for that. Would highly recommend this above any other shop in the area!!!


Carol Bearman Gers — 5 star

Fun with Fiber is the best knit shop ever. I recently moved out of town and while I knew how good they were before, my move just reinforced it. I have found nothing like it. No one comes close to the knowledge that shop has, or the friendliness and I haven’t found ONE shop where you can just go and sit and knit. I really miss you guys.


February 22, 2015
Hi, Lora,
I am 1 week post-op and have been doing quite a bit of knitting. I have learned 2 lessons in the past week.
# 1: Knitting a lace pattern while taking pain meds is not a good idea.
#2: If one INSISTS on knitting while taking pain meds, it is a good idea to have taken Boot Camp to undo all of the mistakes.

I am happy to report that I have been able to fix all of the goofs. What a relief not to have to wait to come to class to fix things! Glad to see that you are offering another “fix it” class. It takes all of the stress out of knitting! 🙂 Bonnie


Lora, Please give our thanks to Shaye and Linda for coming and speaking to us about your shop. They both did a great job. The information packets that they handed
out to the ladies were really nice. I’m sure many of the ladies will be stopping by “Fun with Fiber” to see all that you have. Regards, Nancy & the ladies of “Faith, Fun & Fitness” at Faith Covenant Church


Hi Lora, just wanted to tell you want a lovely time I had yesterday. It was so nice to meet such great gals. I am looking forward to coming to the shop often. It has things many of the other shops don’t, great yarn and selection, a welcoming owner and a great knitting community feel to the shop. I’ve been to many shops all over the country and yours is by far one of the best.

Bev McCarter


I cannot thank you enough for the help you provided me yesterday on the sweater I am making for my father.
Having less than a year experience with knitting I have been to many yarn shops with the hopes of finding one that I felt “at home” at, where I could come in and not have the angst of the “clicks” that many of the yarn shops offer. Because of the person you are I feel your presence would not allow for that type of thing to happen there.

Your shop is a very welcoming and warm place to be. From the moment I walked in the doors the welcoming ambiance was felt.
Even though I live in Gibraltar, I work in Southfield which is very close. I now know that when I need my knitting fix your shop is the one I will be running to.
I look forward to taking some classes with you as I cannot get enough of knitting.
Thank you for providing a “newbie” a warm, welcoming, knowledgeable place to come to.
Sincerely, Cheryl Boyagian


I was very impressed in my first visit to your shop that the sales women went on Ravelry to find a pattern I was looking for and willing to buy in the store. You did not have the pattern and she found it on Ravelry and offered to print it out for me too! Love that kind of customer service – you have a very friendly shop! Even the women sitting around the table knitting were so friendly and very funny. Sometimes you get that kind of “stuffy” feeling at some LYS’s, your shop was very welcoming and I plan to make the trip from Royal Oak more often!


I, too, had a very nice experience at your shop. Was only there once, I live about 50 miles away, but got lots of help, a free pattern, and some good follow up about some yarn I wanted. I will definitely stop back when I get to that side of town again.

I was sitting here knitting my scarf and found a mistake. Darn! In my mind I was thanking all the gals at the Knitting shop who taught me how to undo a mistake without having to run over to the shop which by the way I love to do. Fun with fiber always makes me feel welcome and I learn so much about knitting. I am leaving next week for Virginia and will miss the k nit shop and everyone there terribly. For me it is a social event and learning experience. I am surprised that I can actually knit something and it looks nice thanks to the many experienced knitting instructors at fun with fiber.
I will keep in touch and return to the shop as soon as I can.
Thank you all.
Vi Poole


Lora Miller is a gift to anyone who wants to work with yarn. Lora’s teaching techniques and her eye for color and style makes you secure in your ability to create something beautiful. As a teacher, Lora prides herself on not only teaching the various stitches and methodology, but teaching how to correct your mistakes so you can continue on your project even if you aren’t in class. Everyone who has worked with Lora has become a more confident knitter and loves to be part of her classes.


To Whom It May Concern:
As an avid knitter and someone that has twenty plus years in retail, I would like to offer my support to Lora Miller in her desire to open her own knit shop. Lora’s passion for knitting comes through in her great knowledge of the craft, her finishing techniques, and her background in art. Knitting is not an inexpensive hobby, so you really have to have someone with the knowledge of the craft to support you in your projects. The Farmington Hills and surrounding area could use someone like Lora and a shop to support everyone’s knitting needs.


Lora Miller is a talented and innovative textile crafter. Her knowledge of yarns, threads, patterns and style has depth and style unsurpassed in our community. Lora’s ability to select colors and accessories has enhanced her students and customers enjoyment of their own textile project. One of Lora’s most important talents is her ability to teach the sophisticated, the intermediate and the new learner with clear and concise instructions and at the same time, total encouragement. Exploring textile creations with Lora is a delight and always rewarding.


Dear Shaye Nielsen

I fondly remember the day we met at Cyberia Cafe in downtown Houghton, MI. What I could not have imagined at that time was that I was going to meet such an amazing person. Believe it or not, that day was my first encounter with knitting. As you know, I knew how to crochet but I had never previously knit using two needles until I met you and the ladies at the knitting club. You, Renee, Angie, Maria and many other ladies that met occasionally at the club became very important to me and other women (spouses of both international and domestic students) who were adjusting not only to a different climate, but also to a different social and cultural environment. I really enjoyed attending club meetings.

Thank you very much for your kind disposition, constant motivation and encouragement. With your help, not only have my crochet and knitting skills improved greatly but I have also become a master in scrapbooking. I would like you to know that I regard your friendship in high esteem and I will always cherish the memories of the time we shared while knitting together. There is no doubt in my mind that you will become a successful entrepreneur.

I wish you all the best in your business endeavors.

Warm regards,
Yesianne Ramirez-Madera


I love knitting with Lora. She has the uncanny ability to pair yarns, accessories and patterns to the knitter of every level. Lora’s natural teaching ability makes such a difference in how I approach my knitting – I know that with any mistake I make, Lora will show me how I made the mistake, how to correct it and best of all, she’ll fix it for me! Lora’s constant encouragement and teaching has helped me knit beautiful creations for myself and for giving as gifts such as blankets, coats, vests, bags and scarves.
Simon & Associates, Inc.
Health Care Consultants
Houston, Texas


To Whom It May Concern:
My associates and I have worked with Mrs. Lora Miller for the last 12 years on a number of creative projects.

We have used her creative expertise to assist us in the development of presentations, display material, marketing material and client satisfaction follow-up.

She always comes to meetings prepared and yet flexible. We have found her to be an excellent listener and able to fully develop ideas based on the sometimes-vague concepts we discuss. She has proven to be very insightful and fully capable of translating ideas into reality.

We intend to continue our relationship for the foreseeable future. Our staff has expressed to me several times, based on Mrs. Miller’s demeanor, and pleasant personality, she is just like “family”.

We heartily recommend Mrs. Miller to any one looking for a highly creative yet competent person with a huge amount of patience. We have found these traits to be exactly what our company needed every time we required her help.

Simon Wellner


To Whom it May Concern:

In the many years Lora Miller has been assisting me in every knitted project! She always takes the time to acknowledge me as I come into the store and ask if there is any help needed. I have been impressed with her expert knowledge in the art of knitting and the caring way she helps me. She may already have 4 fellow knitters waiting for her help. I wait my turn knowing Lora will be able to correct my “missed stitch” allowing me to continue with my project in the correct pattern.

Lora is an asset to this store. She is always cheerful and willing to lend her magic hand to my project!

She exhibits excellent communication and people skills. A necessary quality to help us women noting that each of us have our own unique personality!

I look forward to completing each new knit project as long as Lora is right there to help me along the way.

Thanks Lora!


I think of myself as a knitter. I identify myself as a knitter. As such, I like to think that I know a knitter when I see one.
Shaye is the embodiment of a knitter. Not only is she knowledgeable about techniques that make even a hardened veteran of nearly two decades of on-again, off-again knitting cringe (felted brocade-esque intarsia, anyone?), she is a willing tutor and patient instructor to anyone with a knitting question. She is also a devoted body to weekly knitting, and the go-to woman when it comes to advice, ideas, and inspiration. The public can rest assured that if there is a question regarding the craft, Shaye will be there to answer it.
As always, with socks on the needles,
Jessica F. Montcalm


I met Shaye through our knitting group at Michigan Tech, which she organized through our campus apartment community. The weekly get-togethers started with just a few of us, but quickly expanded to a larger regular group through word-of-mouth, campus postings, and reminders in the campus apartment’s newsletter. A variety of people showed up each week; undergraduate and graduate students, international students and their families, and local people from the community. Shaye always heartily welcomed any new addition to the group, and would patiently sit down and teach any newcomer to knitting or crochet. With Shaye’s help, it was always a welcoming event for everyone who attended.
During my eight years as a knitter, I have never come across another knitter/crocheter who is as technically proficient, creative, and knowledgeable in the craft as Shaye. She is very familiar with techniques, from the basics to the very advanced skills, and she is always willing to learn and try something new. She has designed a number of her own creative patterns as well. While one knitter may not fully understand the differences in yarns, tools, and techniques, Shaye has a great understanding of the variety of yarns and tools involved to create the perfect finished product. She has much experience in the fiber arts, and it is truly her passion!

Renee Kulling

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